Introduction to Robotics Coaching Club

Meeting RECAP - October 9, 2020

Learn more about SoLA Robotics!

Ready to join a Robotics Team?

SoLA Robotics VEX coaching is open!

What You Get:

  • Students meet online 4x/month (and in-person once gatherings are permitted)

  • Learn virtual programming sequences (VEX VR and VEX Blocks)

  • Learn to build and program a VEX IQ robot

  • Complete quizzes, conduct game research and complete robotics coursework

  • Strategize and plan simulations for the 2020-2021 season game "Rise Above" 

  • Ages 9-13 (5th-8th Grades) training and competition for current season 

  • Ages 13-18 (Inaugural High School Team) training for next season

  • Flexible meeting times to work with your schedule

  • Join our VEX Team and train to join a SoLA Robotics Elite Team