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Why JavaScript?

"JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It is very useful for building modern websites, and it’s even possible to build website back-end services with extensions of the language. It was originally created in 1995 by Brendan Eich at Netscape, one of the first internet companies which built a popular web browser in the days of dial-up internet. It was originally named "Mocha" by the founder of Netscape, Marc Andreessen, one of Silicon Valley’s most famous entrepreneurs.


Netscape started working with Sun Microsystems, who developed Java, a popular language that powered apps on early computers, handhelds and cell phones. Both companies were motivated to build a plugin so existing Java apps could run natively inside the increasingly popular web browser so they wouldn't need to be rebuilt. So Netscape created a scripting language similar to the Java syntax so these apps could still be used, and just as important, all the Java programmers could quickly adapt without learning a new language from scratch. The language was also very powerful. Before JavaScript, most web pages were built of purely HTML and CSS; they were very static. JavaScript allowed pages to be more dynamic, use animations, take input from forms, and playback media.

After a period of competing languages on the web, JavaScript won out as the dominant language, and now you can write JavaScript that renders in all modern web browsers, like Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer on a variety of internet connected devices. If you are considering a career in software development, technology, or robotics, it is a valuable language to know as there are a lot of JavaScript jobs available around the world. Even if you aren't pursuing a career in these fields, you'll get to be creative and solve some intriguing problems through programming.

You might have already even programmed a little JavaScript; it powers the Draw and Blocks programming canvases in the Sphero Edu app, and you can view Javascript code behind those programs. Now you will graduate from drawing lines and dragging blocks to writing the text code yourself."

Source: Sphero.com

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