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We're South LA's premier community-based, year-round, competitive robotics club, here to give your child the tools and confidence to delve into coding and robotics, and perhaps one day, pursue a career in STEM.


Welcome to SoLA Robotics

At SoLA Robotics we are building the next generation of professionals in STEM.  You can count on our instructional team to give your child a boost in Robotics and Coding knowledge. Here are some highlights about how we serve:

Learn to Build Robots 

Design and assemble working robots and program them to complete specific tasks. This is the real deal! Once students reach the competition level, they're ready to display an impressive skill set. Our students learn to be leaders in robotics. We are here to mentor them along the way.

Small Classes  

Your child will never be lost in the crowd.  Our classes are small and impactful.

Individualized Instruction

We understand that children learn differently. You can trust in our talented teachers to guide your scholar toward success.

Teams Work Together 

SoLAR scholars learn to support one another and grow together as team units. A huge part of robotics is team communication and collaboration. Our students get a first hand understanding of how important these concepts are for a successful team.

Participate in Competitions 

Competition season is the highlight for many of our students and families. Didn’t you hear? There’s a new type of team in town! We are SoLA Robotics! Come check us out and see the magic our young scholars are capable of.  Hype up posters and pompoms welcome!


Our program is founded on a belief that ALL students should have access to high-quality, standards-based coding and robotics instruction. South LA residents qualify for free and low cost programs with our esteemed partners. We also provide payment plans to make services and equipment affordable for you. 

Learn to Code

Build your child's foundation in code while introducing robotics. Give them an edge for an increasingly STEM-based future.

Certified Instructors  

Our teachers are seasoned pros with the expertise to educate your young scholar. All levels welcome.


Learn from Home

Students learn at their own pace from the comfort of home. We guide them step by step and set goals tailored to each child's needs.  Just watch. They’ll make you proud!

Developing Responsibility

In our Learn-from-Home classes, SoLAR scholars get real experience with their own personal robotics kit. Students take ownership and responsibility for their learning and their equipment. What’s more exciting than that?

Gain Access to Incredible Opportunities

Check out our teams in the media to get a sense of what our students achieve.  Our program has been described as “life-changing” by parents who’ve entrusted SoLA Robotics to guide their children in the world of coding and competitive robotics.  Are you ready to see what the hype is all about? Sign up today.

I'm New to this! 

Brand new? No problem! Maybe you have heard the phrase "Everyone can code". At SoLA Robotics we strongly believe that STEM education is absolutely essential and should be treated as a core subject. All students ages 6 to 16 are welcomed to participate in our programs regardless of experience. We've got you!

So what are you waiting for?

This is the Digital Age. Information technology and coding are now essential curriculum. Let SoLA Robotics give your child an edge. 

We are here to serve you.  

SoLA Robotics Team Accomplishments

First Prize - WER US Open August 2019

First Prize - WER 2019 Regional Competition October 2019

Best Team Award - WER World Championship December 2019

Organizing Committee Excellence Award December 2019

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Thank you, Mayor Garcetti

Robotics and Code 

for boys and girls Ages 6-16







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Mayor of Los Angeles congratulates
South LA Robotics Team!
  • Guide students toward a diverse variety of career pathways
  • Build a community of students who grow, thrive and learn together
  • Educate youth in development of professional skills
  • Prepare students in developing a functional portfolio of technological skills


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