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June 24th - USC Trojan Grand Ballroom

Welcome to the SoLA Youth Showdown (SYS), a pulse-pounding competition that beckons the ingenuity of youth aged 9-14 from Los Angeles and its neighboring areas! This exhilarating event is more than just a competition; it's a dynamic platform where participants dive into robotics, showcasing their skills in a thrilling and educational environment.

Join us for SYS 2024, where the future of robotics takes center stage. Witness the culmination of dedication, creativity, and hard work as participants strive to claim the title of SYS champion. It's a celebration of youthful innovation and a testament to the transformative power of robotics education.


Don't miss the excitement – be part of the SoLA Youth Showdown and experience the thrill of the next generation of STEM leaders in action!



Former Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti
congratulates SoLA Robotics Team!

City of STEM
Interactive Booth
Columbia Space Center  April 2019

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