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Thank you for your interest in Competitive Team Coaching. Our teams have completed programming skills lessons and are currently designing and building their competition robots. For the safety of all students, competition guidelines have been altered this year. Students can build robots individually and competitions will be held virtually. You can stay updated on our team's progress by joining our email list and following our social media pages.

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Our teams are getting new equipment! Support SoLAR teams here.

SoLA Robotics VEX IQ Teams (2019-2020 season)


  • What is the coaching schedule?
    • VEX Team Coaching meetings run from October through March.
  • How often to students meet?
    • Students meet online 4x/month (and in-person once gatherings are permitted)
  • Can I join Club Coaching? 
    • New student enrollment for 2020-2021 season teams ended on October 16, 2020. You can receive up-to-date information including enrollment and event dates by joining our email list and following our social media pages.
  • What do students learn while coaching remains online?
    • Virtual programming sequences for VEX IQ robot (VEX VR and VEX Blocks)

  • What can students do once in-person meetings are permitted?

    • Learn to build and program a VEX IQ robot, train for competition in 2021

  • What extras are included with Club Coaching?

    • Complete quizzes, conduct game research and complete robotics coursework

    • Strategize and plan simulations for the 2020-2021 season game "Rise Above" 

  • What ages does this program serve?

    • Ages 9-13 (5th-8th Grades) for Elem/Middle Teams, Ages 13-18 for Middle/High Teams

  • What is your contact info? Phone 424-352-1931  Email​


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